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DealanBot works in:  US  –  India  –  UK  –  Canada

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Dealan Bot

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*DealanBot works only with Amazon:
US – UK –  Canada – India


Get lazy on your couch while Dealan will find and publish the best Amazon Offers for your Telegram followers

Set up your criteria, and Dealan will post the best Amazon Offers, which suit the most of your Telegram Channels audience!

Dealan Bot integrates your Amazon Affiliate account with your Telegram Channels searching and posting Amazon Offers automatically with your Amazon Affiliate link. You can make money while you save time!

Dealan Bot works with Amazon US, UK, Canada, and India.

Everything in ONE Subscription
With just ONE subscription, you can set up Dealan Bot in all your Telegram Channels, as you prefer. So if you have many Channels in which you want to run Dealan, you don’t need to subscribe several times. You can handle everything with only one simple subscription! Dealan Bot is priced according to the sum of all the members of the Channels where you use Dealan.



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  500 members


1 000 members


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50 000 members


150 000 members


500 000 members

*Prices listed above are in USD. We accept several other currencies (EUR, GBP, INR, AUD, CAD, and more).

Please proceed in the checkout for more info

*All Prices above are VAT excluded. VAT and similar Taxes can be applied.

*If you have a valid VAT Registration Number, you can provide it during the checkout and get the VAT exemption.

**there is a limit of max 3 channel with less than 500 members. If your channels have more than 500 members, this limit does not afflict you. You cannot use DealanBot for an infinite number of small channels, maximum 3 small channels are supported. We encourage our customers to use DealanBot for real channels only.

You are going the Earn twice! How?

(1) You cannot work faster than a bot!

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Without a Dealan, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

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We Dealan Bot you can use your extra time to enlarge your audience.

Match Your Audience Preferences

Dealan Bot is highly customizable. You can set filters and criteria easily. 

Set up your specific filter criteria, and Dealan find the best Amazon Offers for you!

While we handle the deals, you can get back on the most crucial part of your job: the audience!

You set the criteria, Dealan finds and publishes your affiliate links. 

Now that your affiliate income is in good hands, you can grow your followers on Telegram and build a much better relationship with them.

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